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E. S. Louis --- veteran police sergeant


My experience as a veteran Cop of 33 years (17 years in-grade as a Sergeant) in a major city's Police Department  helped me develop the main character (Booker T. Hampton) in my first book "Praire Cove I:  Don't Bend".   Booker T. learns how to deal  with racial prejudice, and the realities of life and love in the fictitious towns of Prairie Cove and Hallville, somewhere along the Mississippi, where the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers converge ...

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"Prairie Cove I:  Don't Bend" follows street cop and eventual Police Sergeant, Booker T. Hampton from his conception on the Texas prairie, his birth in Prairie Cove, USA, and his insertion as a patrol officer onto the streets of Prairie Cove. This true-to-life story, from the imagination of retired police Sergeant, E.S. Louis, exposes the fallacy of citizens’ support of questionable police practices and procedures when they result in murder and unjust incarceration of the very citizens that police are sworn to serve and protect.

E. S. Louis dedicates this book to the noble women and men who are professional at “policing” and who understand the difference between “Community Policing” and “Soldiering”

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