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***** October 2018

I greatly admire the strong characters presented in Prairie Cove I: Don't Bend.  The author, E.S. Louis, strikes a cautious balance between power struggles that often threaten our personal relationships with others.

From a woman's perspective, I feel that the female characters present admirable, no-nonsense, command presence attitudes in their daily struggles to survive.  I identify with their sense of humor and courage. The male characters are portrayed as honest, noble, and (for the most part)  real 'gentlemen' ---a breath of fresh air in today's world.

Main character --- Booker T. Hampton --- has to "hit-the-ground-running" and grow up fast under the conditions into which he was born.  He stumbles, at first, but soon learns how to navigate the uncertainties in life, love, and the pursuit of his dream --- to become a police officer in the fictitious town of Prairie Cove. 

L. P.



***** History Repeats Itself!

January 2019 

This book has a profound reflection of today and the past social climate of police and the black community.